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Compensation Policy Survey

Hear Our Houston is in the process of determining a system of equitable compensation that
1. avows the value of contributions beyond money
2. still offers a fair portion of any money currently funding Hear Our Houston to the contributors that make it possible
3. accomodates the wide difference of opinions that contributors have about compensation 

Step 1 was a few awkward trials in which I offended contributors by offering money, or made them indignant when I did not

Step 2 was thinking about it a lot

Step 3 was creating this survey which was e-mailed to all past contributors (if you are a contributor who has not yet taken this survey, please do) and compiling the responses

Step 4 is figuring out how to incorporate these results into a fair system ready to implement once final grant payment is received for the most recent funded round of contributions

Step 5 is ongoing study Feminist Economics that take into account labor and value outside of what the market officially recognizes, as well as improving my audio recording and post production skills so facilitation is less time intensive and there can be funding to cover both my time and contribution honoraria

Step 6 will be integrating a survey at the beginning of future funded tour projects

Step 7 will be more rigorously documenting the time I spend facilitating each tour, thinking about whether scaling particular contributor payments to according to time and infrastructure costs is relevant, or if that will unfairly advantage people who are already likely to have a platform for their narratives (because they use the internet, are good at public speaking, are not new to this, etc) and simultaneously re-evaluate if there are parameters that can structurally build equity in to a more even platform