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Grandma's House to Memo Record Shop

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22 minutes

.5 miles

From 7457 Rusk to 703 75th Street Houston

Y. E. Torres and her mother, Irene Shafer take you on a walking tour from Torres' grandmother's house, where they were both raised, to Memo Record Shop.

Y.E. Torres

Y.E. Torres's current project is a performative exhibition called The Bad Unicorn, a tale which follows a little girl and the Unicorn and Bunny that live in her head. This project exists as public guerrilla happenings and one night performance installations that combine performance art, burlesque, music and movement to touch on affairs of humanity which activate the hidden pleasures and aspects of the unconscious related to seduction and control.


Upcoming events:

10/28 Unicorn Petting Zoo  at Gypsy Swamp.

11/6 The Artist's Eye Y.E. Torres discusses the work of Jasper Johns at the Menil Collection

11/13 Y.E. Torres and Jo Bird model and perform at Dr. Sketchy.

11/18-20 Bad Unicorn Stand at Spacetaker’s Winter St. Artist Market (WHAM)

11/26-27 Roaming guerrilla performance of The Bad Unicorn at The Texas Renaissance Festival