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DiverseWorks: Houston 175

World Famous Orange Show

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8 minutes

.25 miles

From The Orange Show to 2401 Munger

This is an insider's view of the recently conserved and re-opened Museum inside the World Famous Orange Show. I'm a board member of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art which preserves and manages the Orange Show, the Beer Can House, produces the Art Car Parade and is building Smither Park, Houston's first visionary sculpture garden. Check out our website www.orangeshow.org for a complete listing of upcoming activities and events including concerts, hands-on art workshops and much much more.

Barbara B. Hinton

Barbara B. Hinton is a native Texan and a Houstonian since the early 1970’s, Hinton moved to Houston to work in the advertising industry as a television and radio producer. In 1984, she joined the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art as trustee, eventually attaining the position as president of the board of trustees. In 1986, the Orange Show Center developed the Eyeopener Tour program, an award-winning series of Sunday afternoon bus tours that take art adventurers to “places that make you stop, look and look again.” Hinton has served on that volunteer committee for more than twenty years. She has worked on virturally all the Orange Show programs including the Art Car Parade, the Beer Can House and now the Smither Park and Sculpture Garden. In addition, she is a member of the River Oaks Business Women’s Executive Committee (ROBWEC) and the international Explorers Club.