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Writers in the Schools

WITS Mixtape

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32 minutes


This Hear Our Houston audio tour mixtape is a glimpse into the minds of 7th and 8th grade writers who attended Writers in the Schools Summer Creative Camp this year. Breaking the form of the usual Hear Our Houston tours, this mixtape will only let you follow along in your imagination, but it is rich with the insights of young people who we don't often get to hear from and well worth a listen. Stay tuned for long format tours made by more WITS students this Fall for a rich take on our city from a younger point of view.


Writers in the Schools Summer Writing Camp Students

Out of 921 students in WITS Creative Writing Camp this summer, this is a sampling of recordings featuring work by students who were taught by Casey Fleming, Deborah Wiggins, Van Garrett and Olga Feliciano at Annunciation Orthodox School this summer:

Yuna Booyoung

Leah Chemaly and Rachel Barnes

Wesley Pierre

Mia Simmons

Rose Li

Clint Ferrell

Julie Dietrich

Anna Demecs

Aerial Starks

Veean Chen

Emma Bolton

Melody Voo

Divya Jain

Katherine Walters

Irene Vasquez

and Albert