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We Are All Weird Birds

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From Peden and Van Buren St to Dunlavy at Maryland

Weaving memory, story, geography, and meditation together, Indre records a stroll along Peden, Waugh, Nevada, Commonwealth, Indiana, and Dunlavy streets ending at the Pralaya Yoga Studio.

Photography by Rose Kuo.


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Indre Rapalaviciute

Life brought Indre across the Atlantic from the beautiful country-side of Lithuania to the United States to find a new life and new friends in Williamsburg and Blues & Jazz in New Orleans. The same life, in a form of Katrina's wind, blew her to Houston for her to be found by tango and yoga.

For the entire four years of her tango experience, Indre has always felt an instant connection to another human being, another heart, where no words, no thoughts are needed. In this state the body becomes a free vessel for music and movement. She began teaching tango to share this understanding with everyone who wants it. If you love what you are doing, you have no other option, but to be good at it. A consistent and dedicated practice will flow naturally from this love. Its precisely this love and practice that has made Indre the beautiful and talented dancer and teacher she is today!


Rose Kuo

Tour Photographer

In her photography, Rose Kuo has always searched for the moments and places that make us intensely human, and therefore inherently vulnerable. Though she has made excursions to many countries, Houston remains at the heart of her work. As her hometown, Houston anchors her with its warmth, its good food, its open space-- and especially the vibrant life and green trees that are a well-kept secret. Hear Our Houston allows Rose to share this secret through her eyes.