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Walking Through the Doors

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30 minutes

.5 miles

From 5885 Point West to 5885 Point West

Yu-Ru Huang guides us through the Taiwanese Community Center. As she describes its history, purpose, and place in the neighborhood we listen in to a celebration of the semester with student songs, a greeting by the principal of the Taiwanese Language and Culture School, and details from the library and heroes of human rights.

Display case at the entrance

Professor Chen's Tree

Memorial Trees for Professor Lee and Dr. Tsai

Professor Ya Yan Lee Memorial Library

Written treasures, a historic Bible and a handwritten newsletter

A feast at the end-of-semester celebration

Community Room

Donor Wall

Yu-Ru Huang

Yu-Ru Huang, artist and teacher, devotes her art to benefit humanity through a mixture of cross discipline works in Asia, America. 
She has a BA from Taiwan with teaching certificate and MFA from New York.  She has received an individual artist grant from Cultural Arts Council Houston/Harris County, designed a library and cultural programs for Taiwanese Community Center in Houston. Through collaborations with NEA’s Big Read, the City of Houston, and community organizations in Taiwan, Japan and North America, her recent projects serve as platforms for exploring the complexity of a globalized society.

For more details of her career, please go to: www.yuruhuang.com