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The Alphas

Voltwang Territory

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20 minutes

.5 miles

From 2041 Norfolk to 2041 Norfolk

The tour by The Alphas traces the historic Volwang colony in the area surrounding Skydive, including Star Pizza, the original Voltwang landing ground, mating facilities, and karaoke prison. Brother B explains Voltwang military base, Star Pizza, the headquarters of gustatory warfare. Pizza was the most technically advanced weapon of the Voltwang era, known for its carbohydrate base that expands in the stomach, acidic juicis that disrupt fluid balances, cheese that glut the intestines like chunks of rubber, and spicy sausage and pepperoni that cause heartburn. These powers combine to a fattening agent that slows down the Earthlings, making them easier to hunt...

Sister C illuminates the Sangemadge sect of Voltwangianism which, inspired by the round and curvacious humans, embraces a more voluptious evolution of the strict Voltwang V.

The Alphas listen in to the underground Voltwang spy offices.

Brother A presents the double V of Whataburger where new implements of Voltwang gustatory warfare are being designed.

The Alphas transmit the higher frequencies of Voltwang consciousness to one anothers mind.

Archaic Voltwang cave paintings that depict human stomach full of pizza, the subsequent digestive distress, and the resulting human body shape in profile.

The Alphas commune with the Voltwang V markers. Recent Voltwang markings have appeared on the sidewalk just outside Skydive, demarcating mother Skydive's significance to the Voltwang legacy.

The Alphas

The Alphas are a new cosmic religion dedicated to promote humanity's ascenscion into a higher state of conciousness and higher realms of vibrations. In their mind travels, they have become knowledgable about the Voltwangs and have created this audio walking tour to enlighten humans about the historic extraterrestrial colonizers of the Skydive and Star Pizza vicinity.