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Third Ward

Thompson Elementary

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8 minutes

.5 miles

From 6207 Del Rio to Thompson Elementary

Starting from my childhood house I travel a couple blocks to the elementary school that was the cornerstone of my art career and survival skills.

Robert Hodge

Robert Hodge is a multi-media artist currently based in Houston. Hodge works have been shown in national and international museums.His work focses on color texture and stories that connect people with real experiences of American history and current issues.

Robert Hodge has been creating it seems like his entire lifetime.. born in Houston, Texas he was educated in the public school systems attending the High School for the Performing Visual Arts then going off to Pratt and the Atlanta College of Art. Hodge returned to Texas and continued exhibiting in Houston. In 2007 he won the MFAH "Best of Show" and in 2008 was awarded a individual grant with the Houston Arts Alliance.
Hodge believes art is the ultimate communicator to people crossing barriers of color, class and location.