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Park at Palm Center

The Transformation

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From The Johnson Home to 3613 Goodhope

Jessica Johnson interviewed all of the members of her family to tell the whole story of their home's transformation. From Elaine describing her grandmother's legacy, to an overview by the sisters of life in 720 (the 720ft' house that they inherited), to Eric's vision of the property as a community center, to the Extreme Makeover Home experience, the Johnson's describe their closeness as a family learning from past generations and paying it forward. 

George and Albirta Cashmere

The Little Red and White House

Family time

Grandma's Records

The big moment

A new house

A close knit family

Jessica Johnson

Hello my name is Jessica Johnson and I'm 12 years old. And I was so thrilled when I heard I was gonnd do a interview on my whole family it was some awesome news to hear!! Because I love my family so much that I was willing to do it! And I tell you now that I'm done I feel like I have made them proud!! And I have made Myself proud.. And all I could say is thank you to my grandparents and my parents and sisters and Ms. Carrie that helped me make this all happen.