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Third Ward

The Harlem, The Hub, The Mecca

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Brother Kenyha greets the skies and the morning on a rainy day in Houston, recalling how the flip of a coin brought him from Brooklyn to Third Ward, the Harlem, the hub, the mecca, and the cultural capital of Texas. He lists many important cultural and business institutions in the neighborhood, and describes how volunteering as a crossing guard at Blackshear Elementary spreads his protection over the kids and over our future that they promise.

"This is a tour of my mind of how I have toured Third Ward and how I see it. I see that we have all of this, all of that I mentioned, all of the African American businesses and ownership...I mean it is very important that we have some kind of unity. Unity that's for a greater, progressive state of mind, state of being. And also is influencing, very influencing. Aint nothing wrong with the dream."

Kenyha Shabazz

Kenyha Shabazz