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From California and Windsor to Dunlavy and Indiana

To the sounds of a Saturday morning, Susan Barry leads a tour of her neighborhood. Cherryhurst is an historic, active, civically engaged tight knit community. She debunks several myths about Houston and points out this area's treasured gems.

Susan introduces Cherryhurst as it is nestled into Montrose and has nestled within it Cherryhurst Park and a WPA built civic club building that the residents have fought for as a hub of community activity.

Cherryhurst Park is a popular pathway for herons and hawks catching dinner.

Woodrow Wilson elementary school gets a lot of love from Cherryhurst residents. Susan describes the aftermath of the drought and the droves of rollerbladers who come by.

The developer of Cherryhurst lived at this address that now features a lovely garden and a chicken named Laura.

Susan describes some neighborhood norms that have changed over time.

We end our tour with a bite to eat at La Guadalupana, a beloved family run eat spot and Susan describes La Guadalupana the vision of the pregnant Virgin Mary beloved by midwives.

Susan Barry

Susan Barry is a long time resident of Cherryhurst and a nurse midwife.