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DiverseWorks: Houston 175

Street Art

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19 minutes

1.7 miles

From 4912 Main Street to 2618 Main

In this Hear Our Houston audio tour and contribution to Unexpected City, Daniel Anguilu, a prolific street artist responsible for some of Houston’s most compelling murals, and Alex Luster, documentary filmmaker of “Stick Em Up,” take us on this tour of art outdoors. Begin at Lawndale Art Center where you’ll see Anguilu’s latest work overtaking one of its walls. From there, both Anguilu and Luster shout out War’Haus at 4715 Main. From there, get the inside scoop on Houston’s street art scene from Luster as you take a light rail trip toward 2618 Main. For the past seven months, Anguilu has been overtaking this former Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center with his art. Walking around this building is like walking around inside the mind of the artist: see the evolutions of form, line, and color as you turn each corner, and imagine the layers of history between each coat of paint.

Daniel Anguilu

Daniel Anguilu is a local artist who loves to put paint on walls outside. Watch a video of his process here.

Alex Luster

Alex “PR!MO” Luster is a documentary filmmaker, Emmy award winning
television producer/editor, and the creator/director for a number of
projects in digital media. Hailing from Houston, Alex’s creative
projects touch on everything from sub-culture movements to musical
groups, and artists.


J Alejandro Almanza

Tour Photographer

Born and raised in South Texas,

J. Alejandro Almanza has the mind of an engineer led by the heart of an artist. He is formally educated in Detroit as an electrical engineer and photographer. His medium of expression for the past nine years has been photography with a focus on fine art photography.