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Rosario's Mistic Yerberia

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22 minutes

From 5306 Canal St to

Rosario takes us on a tour, inside and out, of her shop, Rosario's Mistic Yerberia. She describes her daily rituals to bless and protect the shop, describes the products she stocks from different parts of the world, and services they offer for physical, mental, and emotional health, and tells us about San Lazaro in the Bible, in her personal faith, annual processions, and in Rincon De San Lazaro church in Hialeah, Florida.

Welcome to Rosario's

The Altar

Rosario's Candles

Consultation Room and Tarot

Gambling Win Photographs, Soaps, and San Lazaro Statue

Rosario at her father and grandmother's altar outside the shop

Images of blessings and angels


Maria del Rosario Angle

Maria Rosario del Angle is a third generation herbalist carrying on the tradition of her grandmother, Mama Panchita of San Luis Potosi and her father, Papa Guelo, of Nuevo Laredo. Along with her lifelong study of herbal healing, Rosario draws on her Catholic faith, her devotion to San Laaro, her psychic intuitions through the Tarot, the traditions of Santeria, and practices from various faiths that she continually learns about, in order to serve her customer's needs.