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Tanzania to Texas

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16 minutes

1.2 miles

From Briar Forest to Ella Lee Ln

Rahma Kova is a student of accounting at Houston Community College. She moved from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania to Houston three months ago. Her tour begins by interviewing her Houstonian neighbor, Courtney, her recent trip to Africa with her Nigerian husband. Then, Rahma takes you around her new Houston neighborhood near the Galleria at Briar Forest- Ella Lee Ln and compares and contrasts the different places.

Ugali - traditional food

Mount Kilimanjaro - Second tallest mountain in the world

Taraab Music

Taraab Music

Tanzanite - mineral that is only mined in Tanzania

Massai - Cultural people in Tanzania

Game reserve in Tanzania

Rahma Kova

My name is Rahma Kova. I come from Dar-es-Salaam city in Tanzania (Africa). I have been in Houston for three months now and Houston is my first city to visit in America so far, and i really like this place. I made the audio tour work in my neighbourhood which is at Briar Forest- Ella Lee Ln. Hopefully each one of you will enjoy listening to my audio tour work.