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Pizza Delivery

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15 minutes

1.1 miles

From 320 Detering St to 320 Detering St

Visual artist Raul Gonzalez takes a loop walk around the Rice Military area starting at Darke Gallery and walking through the Rice Military area where he used to deliver food. He appreciates the nice area, but also remembers an unfriendly incident with some police officers.  He describes the tour as "more a 'memory lane' trip than a 'destination walk.'"

Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez likes to explore different styles in his work. His artwork ranges from illustrative drawings, which depict mundane scenes of everyday life to sculptural paintings of Mexican candy. He spends a lot of his time taking photographs in and around Houston. Those photographs translate into landscapes, abstract paintings and powerful imagery that tell the story of the common man. Raul Gonzalez was born and raised in Houston, TX. He practice drawing at a very early age and on through high school. Gonzalez then set off to study Graphic and Fine art at Washington University in St. Louis for 2 years. He later received his Bachelor's of Fine Arts - Painting from the University of Houston. "The purpose of my work is to connect with people. I use aspects of pop culture, social problems, fashion, music and various other subjects as means of connecting contemporary art with everyday people." "I feel that to keep up with modern society, new ideas and approaches in creating art should continually be tested." Regardless of my different series, I find ways that allow each of them to connect with another.