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Voice of the Homeless

The Journey

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23 minutes

1 mile

From James Bute Park to 512 McKee

Pastor Paul Jiminez takes us on a loop around James Bute Park, or as he calls it, Homeless Park. He describes the rhythm of the area, especially The Journey from the Star of Hope shelter to the park. He also details the individual, community, societal, and political issues that members of the homeless community face, and turns over some assumptions that people have about the homeless. He looks toward a future where those in power will listen to the voice of the homeless and better, smarter services will be provided.


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Paul Jimenez

Pastor Paul Jiminez is a teacher, pastor, artist, poet, and writer. Originally from Detroit, God called him to Houston to help homeless men get to a higher, better level. He acts as a keeper of information on services, advice, schedules, shelters, and opportunities that he has learned quickly and readily shares with the homeless community. His goal is to build shelters across the US and build a ministry to help other people, specifically as a television evangelist.