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Third Ward

in Search of the Diver from Yoakum

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30 minutes

1.3 miles

From Holman and Live Oak to 3531 Wheeler (where YMCA was)

Bert Samples and Carrie Schneider take a New Year's Eve walk from Project Row Houses, where they hear music played by an "enchanted traveler," past former Barber Shops and Beauty Salons full of memories, to the TSU Campus where Bert began his study of art, and the site of the recently demolished YMCA where Bert's father, Robert Samples, taught swimming lessons.

Bert Samples

I am native Houstonian, I grew up in Sunnyside, Houston. I am currently living in Third Ward. I am supporter of Third Ward history thru Project Row Houses. I am artist. I am curious about the history of things. Particularly, Art, music. dance and languages and peoples relations to each other through time and geography.