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Oaks and Crepe Myrtles in the Heights

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14 minutes

.3 miles

From 920 Ridge Street to Julian Street and Bayland Avenue

In this Hear Our Houston audio tour and contribution to Unexpected City, writers Diana and Steven Wolfe stroll from their first Houston residence, a house in the Heights at 920 Ridge where they lived together thirteen years ago. Turning left onto Julian Street, they pass under the oaks and crepe myrtles to Bayland Street, where “if you look down to your right the streets just become this whole cathedral of overhanging oaks that are like protective Heights spirits, and they make it feel beautifully warm and welcoming.”

920 Ridge Street

The living room inside 920 Ridge Street in 1997

Part of the back yard at 920 Ridge, 1998. L-R: Colleen Toporek, Naeem Murr, Julie Chisholm, Kate Schmitt, Christopher Bakken

Have a seat!

The lovely crepe myrtle on Julian.

A view looking east down Bayland

Steven Wolfe

Steven Wolfe is a Houston based writer.