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Oak Therapy

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From Barkdull and Graustark to North Blvd and Mandell St

Entymologist, avid dancer and banjo player Lara Appleby leads a 10-minute one-way walk along North Boulevard. In her doctoral studies at the University of Houston, Appleby studies ants. In her stroll through Boulevard Oaks, she describes details of design and nature, and hypothesizes about the lives of local inhabitants. Follow a brick path on an esplanade lined with trees and surrounded by majestic lawns and homes. Look up to see the unruly live oak branches sheltering you from the sun, and listen in to gain a gentleness towards yourself.


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Lara Appleby

In her doctoral studies at the University of Houston, Lara Appleby probes the exceptionally small workers made by new ant colonies. She is an enthusiastic teacher and believes that to think critically is to be responsible and that everyone can do it.