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My Walk in the Park

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10 minutes

From From N. Allegro St. to Campbell Rd. to

In this walk I just talk about the memories I have with my mom, aunts, sister and cousins. Told a few stories about when we would go. I also described the park. I love how there is a police department there, it's what always made us all feel safe. Hope you enjoy my tour :)

Luisa Gomez

My name is Luisa Yaneth Gomez. I'm 20 years old and I was born and raised here in Houston Texas. My family is from Guatemala and I love going there almost every summer. I am studying to be a Medical Office Specialist. I would've gone for nursing, but I know I would have to see blood and open wounds, it completely freaks me out!! I love listening to music, I love trying new food, I also love dancing, and I love giraffes! I think they're so adorable! :) I like to hangout with my family, and friends.