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30 minutes

1.4 miles

From 3700 Main (to McGowen) to 3700 Main

Musician Pete Gordon takes us on a looped walk around Midtown where he has owned and operated The Continental Club for ten years. 3700 Main used to be a general store in the 1920s and is now a thriving music venue and bar run by Pete, who loves preserving the old architecture while importing some of Austin’s quirkiness after the original Continental Club. I personally recommend stopping by on a Monday night to hear the masterful contemporary tango composer and piano man Glover Gill. Sink into a Southern pace and the pats of Pete’s cowboy boots while he recalls the area’s evolution over the past ten years, marvels at his favorite buildings, and hopes for preservation of historic architecture moving forward.

Pete Gordon

Pete Gordon is a musician, historic architecture aficionado, and an owner/operator of The Continental Club and surrounding businesses in Midtown.


J Alejandro Almanza

Tour Photographer


Born and raised in South Texas,

J. Alejandro Almanza has the mind of an engineer led by the heart of an artist. He is formally educated in Detroit as an electrical engineer and photographer. His medium of expression for the past nine years has been photography with a focus on fine art photography.