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memories from my childhood

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From westpark & Windswept to

I took a walking tour on the neightboorhod of westpark, were i grew up and spend most of my childhood. Taking a walk in the flea market right next to the apartments were i used to live. The flea market of 59 is were my family spend so much memories. I think that the flea market is were you can go spend time with your family and explore and see different cultures. Theres so many fun things to do from shooping to dancing or from exploring to selling. This is a great place to take your little children and have so much fun seeing the happy and enjoying a great day. theres a place were theirs horses, clowns, rides, music and so much more. And lets not forget about the food out there, the food is amazing so delicius. If you want to go explore different culures you should most definitly go to the flea market.

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Julia Michelle Rendon

Hi my name is Julia Michelle Rendon and im currently a student at hcc persuing my career in social work. I love helping others and believe that if we help others we can be able to put a smile or even change the world by helping in our community.