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Memo's Record Shop

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30 minutes

.1 mile

From Memo's Record Shop #1 to 75th and Canal

Memo takes us on a tour of Memo's Record Shop, inside and out.

He tells stories alongside the records, photos, and murals of stars like Juan de Raveal, Rigo Tovar, Lucha Villa, Antonio Aguillar, Yolando del Rio, Rosia Durcal, José José, Vincente Fernandez, Selena, and Carlos y Jose.

He shows us around packed aisles of music from all over the Spanish speaking world including Mariachi, Conjunto, Norteño, Carribean, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, Tropical, Tejano, Grupera, and Cumbia.

Outside, he takes us on a tour of Jaramillo's iconic murals on the shop's walls that commemorate "The Golden Age" and draw in a younger generation.

A lifelong lover of music and insightful insider, he describes how changes in the music industry and radio stations effect the artists and the availability of their music.

Most of all, Memo describes how he loves music, has "still got it" and intends to keep sharing it right here in Houston.

Memo's Record Shop #1


Wall of Fame

Norteña Aisle

Suits of Rigo Tovar and Vincente Fernandez

Musical instruments for sale too

Murals of the Golden Age

Memo Villareal

Guillermo "Memo" Villareal was born in Mexico and moved to Houston in 1957. With a family background in music, his father was a lifelong musician and his uncle a famous composer and owner of Falcon Records, Memo opened Memo's Record Shop in 1968 in a small building just across from where the current one stands. As a local promoter of international musicans, Memo helped bring big artists and big audiences together while his shops stock music found nowhere else in Houston. In addition to promoting music by Spanish speaking artists, he was politcally active during the 70s with Houston's Hispanic leaders Leonel Castillo, Al Luna, Roman Martinez and Ben Reyes. Memo currently has two shops, the original in Magnolia Park, as well as one in Northside.