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Park at Palm Center

Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden 2

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20 min

.25 mile

From 6426 Paris to South Union / Yellowstone

Cavanaugh Nweze leads a tour of the Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden at his home in his front and back yards. He talks about self sufficiency, profiting from natural resources, eliminating food deserts, educating young people, and decreasing crime through all that gardening can teach.

The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden

Cavanaugh at his front yard garden with his 25 lb squash

Front yard garden

Jalapenos, peas, and squash from the front yard

Picking kale in the backyard

The garden was recently relocated to Cavanaugh's home and where they model their Grub Not Grass program of converting lawns into food producing gardens


Adaptive sunflower

Cavanaugh Nweze

Cavanaugh Nweze, a Prairie View A&M Alum, is native Texan with Nigerian Roots. His mother is from Dallas, TX and his father is from Anambra State, Nigeria. With a diverse background, Cavanaugh was raised to be a well rounded, intellectual, and cultured individual. While growing up in both Houston and Dallas Cavanaugh’s family kept him in many African Centered activities and Institutions.


As an adult Mr. Nweze has made a conscious and deliberate choice to work for his community. After working in a corporate environment Cavanaugh left a well paying accountant position to become a consistent pillar in his community.


While studying at PVAMU, Cavanaugh organized and founded Divine Leaders Inc. in 2006. Divine Leaders Inc. is an educational and community service nonprofit organization. One of the main projects of the organization is The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden which originally started at a local church and know has expanded to numerous homes and other satellite locations. Divine Leaders has a number of other food security and education programs that they conduct throughout the greater Houston Area.


As a well rounded individual, Cavanuagh also makes time to travel abroad. He has lived in Mexico, spent time Jamaica, and of course his Father’s Land and Native Country, Nigeria. Cavanaugh’s charming, yet serious demeanor has earned him a reputation for being an optimistic, goal driven, and community servant for all walks of life.