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Layered Histories

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15 minutes

.6 miles

From 1101 Elder Street to Dart Street and Beachton Street

Artist Regina Agu takes us along for her daily wonder-filled walk in the First Ward. As a resident at Elder Street Lofts, she excavates the spiritual from this old graveyard and mental hospital site, appreciates nature’s conquering of an abandoned building, and wonders at the soundscapes of our city’s massive freeways. As you walk with her you’ll weave through history, the life cycle of silkworms, and growth in Urban Harvest’s First Ward Community Garden.

Jefferson Davis Hospital was renovated into Elder Street Artist Lofts but some ruins remain.

Nature overwhelming built structures.

A spot to listen to the meditative and oddly muted freeway whoosh.

Regina Agu

Regina Agu is a visual artist living and working in Houston, TX. Regina was born in Houston, TX and was raised traveling overseas throughout Africa and Europe. She creates drawings and installations, and has shown at Texas Southern University Museum, labotanica, Corridor Gallery (NY), Textile Arts Center (NY), and other venues.  In 2011 she was an Artist-in-Residence at Atlantic City for the Arts (FL) and was selected for the DW(2) Development Workshops at Diverseworks.