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The Tinsel of H-Town

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18 minutes

33 miles

From Studio Movie Grill to Cinemark Tinseltown

This is a small journey I wanted to give of our Houston Movie Theaters. We love our movie theaters here in H-Town,  Matter of fact,  It is a way of life.  To Houstonians having a large verity of atmospheres is a way to keep up with the diversity that we love about our little town. With that being said,

Please give me a little of your time to hear a simple "whats what" on in the movie theaters in Houston. I hope this tour will help you find and love your H-Town movie theaters. 


Dejoi Davis

Hello my name is Dejoi Davis, I am currently a film student pursuing a career as a film editor. I was born January 26. 1978 in Heidelberg Germany. I am an only child, and grew up in Alief Texas where I graduated from Hastings High School. After high school I pursured structural engineering in Virginia Beach, VA.but once discovering I didn't like it I came back home to Houston Texas. When settled Back at home I decided where I was suppose to be was in film. Why didn't I see that all along! I love movies & commercials, even before I could talk. In conclusion my plans are to pursue the growth of my production company (purple cone productions) and my knowledge of film editing.

Spirit Martinez

Tour Photographer

Born in Bogota, Colombia, raised in Queens, New York. Spirit was born under a different name but he goes by his nick name, a nick name He had since he was a teenager, growing up in New York City, influence by the Hip Hop culture, where most kids had a nick name. Now Spirit uses it mostly for a entertainment business reasons, it’s a thousand times easier to find him  and his work on the web, he says, which it’s true. Not only is he a Photographer but he is a Director, he study filmmaking in Houston, and has been filming and living in H-town for over 4 years now. His passion for storytelling develop years ago. so either it’s through pictures or film, even his writing, he enjoys the art in capturing a moment in time.