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Japhet Creek Nature Conservancy

Japhet Creek tour

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20 minutes

.5 miles

From 4601 Clinton Dr. at Emile to Clinto Drive

Japhet Creek is a mile long natural creek that runs into Buffalo Bayou.  It's one of the last natural springs north of the bayou.  Since 2004, the Japhet Creek Nature Conservnacy has been working with various partners to restore this urban green jewel.  The tour takes the listener along a volunteer-created pathway along the banks of the creek and emphasizes the flora of the creek.  


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Brian Herod

Brian Herod serves as the project manager for the Japhet Creek Nature Conservancy's restoration of Japhet Creek.  The Conservancy has been working to restore this urban creek since 2004.  


Rose Kuo

Tour Photographer

In her photography, Rose Kuo has always searched for the moments and places that make us intensely human, and therefore inherently vulnerable. Though she has made excursions to many countries, Houston remains at the heart of her work. As her hometown, Houston anchors her with its warmth, its good food, its open space-- and especially the vibrant life and green trees that are a well-kept secret. Hear Our Houston allows Rose to share this secret through her eyes.