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Houston Zoo

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From The Houston Zoo to 6200 Hermann Park Drive

I went to the Zoo on October 14th, 2013 to do my walking tour. When I was given this assignment, the zoo was the first place that came to my mind. I have so many memories there, and you walk around a lot at the Zoo. It was the perfect opportunity to do a school project in a place that I enjoy. I went early in the day, (around noon) to get an early start. I spent most of my day walking around the zoo having a good time, and figuring out where I should start my walk, and what path I should follow. I started around 4pm, but I was having trouble starting because I was losing my train of thought. It took about two trial runs until I finally kept it going on the third try. I started off at the Seal exhibit, then walked into the tropical bird house. This area of the zoo is really special to me because I love the Mayan influence inside, and in my tour you’ll hear some other juicy information about this area. When I left this area I walked outside towards the food court. This is when the memory of the Methodist Building (Building with the “roller coaster” on top) came to mind. Again, another personal story I shared during this tour. (Having special memories like that made this tour really fun to do) Then I walked to the “Big Cat” area, talked about the memories I had with the Loins, then I moved on towards the longhorns. After that I walked past the Pavilion area, and talked about the expansions that were in progress, and some of the attractions they offered like feeding the Giraffes. Then I talked about the Elephants and some of the facts I learned about them when I was there. I had a blast doing this walking tour, and I hope other people enjoy listening to it!

Inside the tropical birdhouse

Waterfall inside the tropical birdhouse

A picture of me and my cousins on the seal statue during a trip to the zoo with our grandparents years ago

Michael Sanchez

My name Is Michael Sanchez, I’m 19 years old. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I’m of Spanish and Italian heritage and I love it. I’m currently attending Houston Community College, studying to obtain my degree in Geosciences. When I’m not at work or school, I like to write music. I play guitar and sing. I’m a fan of almost all genres of music. Alternative rock is probably my favorite though. In the summer time I like to hang out at the beach a lot. I like surfing when I’m not in Galveston, and skateboarding along the seawall when I am. I like to hunt when deer season is in. My family has a deer lease out in South Texas so it’s pretty convenient. I’m also a huge NFL and MLB fan. The teams I root for are the New England Patriots, and the Texas Rangers. Been a fan since I was a little kid and I’m sure that won’t change. I also like to game on my computer, I could spend hours playing World of Warcraft. I’m a really diverse individual. I like a lot of different things. There’s no one in the world like me at all, that’s why I think I’m so awesome. Yay for being unique