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DiverseWorks: Houston 175

Greens Bayou Street

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12 minutes

.4 miles

From Greens Bayou St at Normandy to Greens Bayou St at Lear

The Art Guys decided to take a walk on the “edge of town” in an area where we have never been.  We looked at the map and chose to go east towards the edge of the city near the ship channel.  We settled on Greens Bayou Street a street that follows part of Greens Bayou.  Because there are two of us, we used two recorders to capture our observations and thoughts.  We started walking east from the corner of Normandy Street and Greens Bayou Street with a time delay of 1 minute between Jack’s then Mike’s departures.  Jack stopped after about 10 minutes and awaited Mike’s arrival.  Using two recorders at the same time but in different locations creates a kind of spatial “phase shifting” wherein the sound begins in sync, then goes out of sync, and finally resolves itself as it comes back into sync. 

The Art Guys

"...a cross between Dada, David Letterman, John Cage and the Smothers Brothers." - The New York Times

"The Art Guys make very funny work that straddles the boundaries between art and life, esthetics and commercialism,the rational and the absurd." - ArtNews

"...delightful conceptual craziness." - Art in America

"...a mad swirl!" - CBS News Sunday Morning

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"...the kings of artentainment." - Houston Chronicle

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"...Texas' most outrageous artist team" - San Antonio Express News