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Ford! So America!

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20 minutes

.6 miles

From 13th and Durham to 13th and Durham

Keith Reynolds leads a loop tour orbiting our majestic diety the Ford sign, and commenting on such topics as antique Blockbuster, sock shopping, education, state v. national pride, bargain hot dogs, strip mall Police stations, and our love of driving. You will not laugh at all the entire time.

Our diety, the majerstic Ford sign

Pilgrims leave their marks of worship

ROSS Dress For Less sock bargains

Palm trees!

A lone house holding out in a sea of Ford parking lot

Get your groove on at La Fiesta Auto Sales & Discoteca

Keith Reynolds

Keith Reynolds is an accomplished Cruise Ship musician who specializes in your Classic Rock and Bossa Nova favorites. He has nothing to do with Super Happy Fun Land or art in any sense.