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Dyess Park

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17:15 minutes

1 mile

From Kitzman Rd to A E Dyess park

I decided to walk do my walk At Dyess Park becasue it'll always have some of the best memories in my life. One of the primary reasons for that is, that to this day in my life I still use the lessons I learned on those fields. I started the walk at a gazebo close to the middle between the softball fields and soccer fields. The first set of fields I mentioned where the smaller fields, then I continued to the first field where I practiced primarily with our U12-U15 trainer Freeman. After talking about the memories on that field I come up on the back of the park with the kiddie fields I coached at and the field we would have pick-up games on. Continuing around to the last field with Olivier as our trainer from the ages of U15-U18 and through the parking lot the cow ran through. Every corner of this park I have some sort of memory about, even the drive there brought back memories with teamates. I hope you enjoyed my audio tour. It made me nervous talking about my past like this but when I was done I realized it was a nice break from the rush of everyday life.

Travis Dixon

My names Travis Dixon, I am 24 years old. I have called Houston home all my life, even after leaving it for 5 years to join the Navy. I grew up in the Cypress area, going to Cy-Fair HS and playing soccer for the Cy-Fair Dynamos. I am currently a qualified air traffic controller while also going to HCC to study for petroleum engineering. I love hanging out with family and friends, and from time to time I like to pick stuff up at the gym.