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Day at the Science Museum

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15 minutes

From 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030 to 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030

I starterd at the Top level of the museum , which was the african exhbit and work my way down to the very last level. Due to the fact that there  were some changes that had been made to the museum and that i had not been to the museum in years , I also talked about things that were new and things that i didnt rember seeing as a child . I talk about the importance of the museum and how it helped me develope an love for art.

The Entrance of the Museum

Water Fountain outside of Museum

Sign in the Hallway of the Egypt

Picture from the Africa Exhibit

Another picture from Africa Exhibit

Picture of Birds Also in the Africa Exhibit !

Awesome picture from Gems and Minerals Section

A Picture of this beautiful Piece of art in the gift shop.

Kai Mitchell

My name is Kai Mitchell and I attend Houston Community College NorthWest.I grew up on the SouthEast Side of town in " 3rd Ward" . I was raised with 2 brothers and by a Wonderful single mom. I graduated from WestSide High School in the year 2013.

I love hanging with my friends and family . I also love fashion and fun !