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Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Custom Piñatas

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16 minutes

.1 miles

From The Little Piñata Shop to 1019 Studewood

Juany Favela welcomes us to The Little Piñata Shop where she makes custom piñatas for all kinds of clients. She describes the tradition, process, and art of piñata making, and all of the creative adaptations she has made over the years.

Welcome to The Little Piñata Shop

Custom People, Chupacabra, Cupcakes, Dragons, Brides

Picture and Frame with Paper Muscle ready for smoothing paper

Juany's 6x6' Noah's Ark Masterpiece

Adding the

A couple and Justin Bieber

Finished Saint Anthony Piñata and armature and supplies

Juany outside her shop

Juany Favela

Juany Favela is an artist and piñata maker who has worked at The Little Piñata Shop for ten years and has been the owner of it for the past two and a half years. As a child, she learned all kinds of arts and crafts from her mother. Now she is a mother of two sons and one daughter, and she also enjoys baking and knitting when she is not busy making creations for her customers