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25 min

.25 miles

From 4703 Griggs to Bam's Auto Express Inc

Bam takes us through Bam's history from Mama Bam, to Something Serious Air Freshener, to the Screwed Up Click, block parties, awards, Bam's Kids, Hurricane Ike, and being a community hub for all sorts of folks. Bam reflects on Bam's as a one stop shop- not just for cars but for culture in South Houston and beyond.

Key to the city (presented by Ada edwards and Mayor Lee Brown) Celebration Block Party 2002

Mama Bam

Wall of Fame

Office door

Every customer greeted even if by Bam Baby Red

Something Serious

One stop shop



Bam Lewis is the owner/operator of Bam's Auto Express Inc., manager and producer with Outside Management, owner of Bam's driving school, as well as an entrepreneur in clubs, music, and restaurants.