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A Walking Dance

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20 minutes

0.8 miles

From 1304 Welch to Montrose & Hawthorne

Amblings and ramblings about the roots of my Houston Tango experience. 

Sock Practica


Tangohous Party

Houston Invasion

Mikas and Antje at Practica

The Group

Floor Cheesecake

Loren & Mariel

Loren Kwan

Lived in Houston from 2004 to 2009, having attended University of Houston's Creative Writing Program. Started tango in 2008. Currently he is reminding himself of his humble beginnings as a tango dancer one hot summer in Houston, TX.

J Alejandro Almanza

Tour Photographer


Born and raised in South Texas,

J. Alejandro Almanza has the mind of an engineer led by the heart of an artist. He is formally educated in Detroit as an electrical engineer and photographer. His medium of expression for the past nine years has been photography with a focus on fine art photography.