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Park at Palm Center

A Walk Through Sehah

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15 minutes

.1 miles

From 5110 Martin Luther King Blvd to 5100 Martin Luther King Blvd

Baba Shango, founder and director of Sehah Youth and Fitness describes the origins and evolutions of this 10 year old community hub where youth come to learn about their roots and grow stronger in their futures. 

This tour provides an overview of Sehah's community involvement through Kupigana Ngumi Kusini, or Afrikan Centered Martial Arts, as well as its academic and cultural programs, trips to Africa, health and fitness services, and engagement with the galvanized community around it.  

Sehah student in Kupigana Ngumi Kusini class

Protector of Sehah

Sehah takes students to Africa to learn about their roots and see the greatness in themselves

Some pictures from Sehah's past

Tournament trophies and the office

Inspiration and exercise equipment

Baba Shango demonstrates

Sehah's exterior

Baba Shango

Baba Shango is the founder and director of Sehah Youth and Fitness Center in Southeast Houston, Texas. He has been practicing the martial arts for 35 years and holds degrees in Social Psychology and African American History. Through his community work at SHAPE center he became inspired to serve as an educator on the front lines- combining history and martial arts in community youth services.