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A Stroll Along Hillcroft

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18 minutes

1.5 miles

From Hillcroft Transit Center @ 6220 Southwest Frwy to Hillcroft Transity Center @ 6220 Southwest Frwy

Raj Mankad, the editor of Cite and OffCite, takes us on a tour of the triangle-shaped area bounded by Highway 59, Hillcroft, and the Westpark tollway. First he braves the feeder road, pointing out a school next to a strip club next to an international bus station, before taking you deep into the ethnic mish-mash of Houston. Referencing a recent Houston Press article on “Little India” and his own experience, he shares an unlikely vision for a less ugly and more pedestrian-friendly city. 

The transit center floats cloud-like above a concrete prairie.

Dollar Days packs the parking lot of Michael's International, a strip club.

An opened up paan

Hillcroft Office Park

Interior of Shirdi Sai Jalaram Mandir

Sketch of Hillcroft and 59 by Raj Mankad

Raj Mankad

Raj Mankad serves as editor of Cite: The Architecture + Design Review of Houston and OffCite.org. He has lived in Houston since 2001 and grew up in Mobile, Alabama. Before working for Cite, he worked as editorial staff for The Cricket Magazine Group, Open Court Press, Penguin, Lyric Poetry Review, and the journal Feminist Economics.

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Rose Kuo

Tour Photographer

In her photography, Rose Kuo has always searched for the moments and places that make us intensely human, and therefore inherently vulnerable. Though she has made excursions to many countries, Houston remains at the heart of her work. As her hometown, Houston anchors her with its warmth, its good food, its open space-- and especially the vibrant life and green trees that are a well-kept secret. Hear Our Houston allows Rose to share this secret through her eyes.