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Park at Palm Center

Coming Up in South Union

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40 minutes

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From South Union to County and City

Mr. Wiley describes what it was like to come up in the South Union area. From barber shops and beauty salons, barbeque, the close knit community, fire station youth center, water tower, the Johnson family interviews Mr. Wiley to hear what makes this area his home, past and present.

South Union, where the city met the county

Freeways weren't built yet

OST at Griggs

Mom and pop stores

Zollie Scales Park Ribbon Cutting

Palms Center

Zollie Scales Park

Nabisco factory smells


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Terrence Wiley

Mr. Wiley is a knowledgable resident of South Union who enjoys hearing from longer term residents. Since a little help is hard to find, and Mr. Wiley has experience in construction, he enjoys giving back when he has a chance.